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I/O Extended Pune' 23
GDG Goa | Dec' 22
GDG Nashik | Nov' 22
GDG Mysuru | Oct' 22
GDG Baroda | Dec' 22
eChai Ventures | Nov' 22
IEEE Student Branch VIT | Aug' 22

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Google I/O Extended Tech For Good | July' 23
Forge Alumnus | June' 23
DevFest UK & Ireland | 2021
GDG Honkong


Won Hackathon Challenges by Government of India

  • HealthTech
  • ABHA

Won National Health Authority (NHA) #AyushmanBharatDigitalMission Hackathon Challenges by Government of India Official on behlaf of Bajaj Finserv Health

Among Top 8 Design Young Professionals in India

  • Social Innovation
  • Design Thinking
  • Design

Winner at Startup Pitch organised byAmong Top 8 Design Young Professionals in India at QED (Question Engage Design)

Winner at Startup Pitch

  • Social Innovation
  • Design Thinking
  • AI

Winner at Startup Pitch organised byGoogle Developer Group & WTM Pune sponsored by Srujan

SAE AeroDesign Challenge

  • Design
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • XFLR7

Captain of Team MIT Aero, SAE AeroDesign Challenge
AIR 17

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Winner at 'AngelHack Series AH10'

  • Social Innovation
  • Android
  • Electronics
  • Design

is a global hackathon and innovation organization. It is originated in San Francisco and has since expanded to over 50 cities with over 100,000 developers.
AuditoA low cost hearing aid for the deaf-mute community of around 63 million, specifically targeting the ones who cannot afford the existing solutions.

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Winner at IBM CallForCode

  • AI
  • Social Cause
  • Design
  • IBM

IBM Watson Call for Code Pune

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Winner National Entrepreneurship Challenge (NEC) 2018

  • Entrepreneurship
  • E-cell
  • Management

We at the Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay focus on developing the entrepreneurial spirit of students, which we believe is instrumental for our country to develop.

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Artificial Intelligence growing Users’ eXperience

  • AI
  • UX
  • Design
  • UI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was once a concept only known to science-fiction fans. However, AI has now become a mainstream technology that every second developer uses on a daily basis. When looking for the exact purpose may seem daunting, the effort involved can be well worth it.

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Writer at UX Planet

  • Sprint
  • Design
  • Product Management
  • UX

Why sprints..?
Looking my products with a microscopic view, designing every sprint like a point, leaving no edges for disruption but the whole surface up for improvement, trying to understand products with sprints!

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My Blogs

PRD - Case studies

    Case studies including project proposals with problem statements, hypothesis and wireframes.
    Two case studies are attached, one is website combining with sitemap understanding. Second is Gift card analysis considering location based parameter.

  • Edu-tech
  • Gift card
  • PRD

Unacademy - Educator's experience

    Case study working on edu-tech platform for improving educator's experience on platform.

  • Edu-tech
  • User behaviour
  • Initiatives and priorities
  • Timeline
  • Improving experience

Tech Information Architecture

    It is Tech Information Architecture of Equibiz. Overall flow with funcational parts and screen designs are explained here. Equibiz is an ecommerce platform for cell phones. Equibiz has three interaction sides. Admin, Buyer and Dealer, out of all only dealer part is mentioned in the information architecture here.

  • Work flow
  • UX interaction
  • Tech Architecture/li>

Fashion Ecommerce

    Fashion Ecommerce overall flow. Modules wise including all parts of the product.

  • Ecommerce
  • Fashion Domain
  • Flows

Figma User Interactions

    User Interactions are added, Equibiz is an ecommerce platform for cell phones. Equibiz has three interaction sides. Admin, Buyer and Dealer. Order tracking and status are the major concern for a buyer as well as a seller. There're three user modules considered. Order Status and order information on an Ecommmerce Website. A buyer journey in Ecommerce website.

  • Ecommerce
  • Order Status
  • Order Information

  • Track Order
  • Current Orders
  • Pending Orders Order

  • Cancelled Orders

Appointment Dashboard (Overview for Dealer/Seller)

    Dashboard for Bridgestone Dealer, worked out for birdWABS, a product of Birdvision Consulting Pvt. Ltd. birdWABS is connecting customers using WhatsApp Business API. I am wrking on different use cases for bitrdWABS. One of those is Bridgestone. Here we are creating dashboards for the customers as well as the dealers & sellers. This is just a small interaction out of those.

  • Appointment
  • WhatsApp
  • Book
  • Categories

Website mobile design

    Bridgestone Service Package website design for phone application. This is basically an initial integration part for service package website to make it mobile responsive and directing it from any platform with overall procedure explained.

  • Mobile responsive
  • Design
  • Packages
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  • August'2020 - March'2021
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